14 Tinder Bios to take Inspiration from when you have a Creative Stall

A list of tinder bio examples

Writing a good tinder bio is almost like an art and we have artists that need the deserved recognition for this skill. Because writing a good bio is no easy task and a lot of us have questions like, How to write a good bio that will allow you to get a romantic date with the person you like? What are the essential elements to write a bio on a dating site? How do you get and keep the attention of the woman or man who attracts you? What are the topics to avoid in a bio on Tinder, Bumble or any other dating site? Do you have to be original, funny, straightforward or serious? These are the questions you will surely ask yourself if you are looking to date online.

In the way Tinder works, photos are effectively 90% of your profile’s value.

But the competition is STRONG. And because of that, your Tinder description, the way you talk about yourself, is what will MAKE you stand out from the crowd!

It’s a bit like your business card, your CV, your resume: it’s a piece of writing that communicates to women, in just a few seconds, about WHO you are!

It is THE differentiator to please more women!

Those little 10% are the “little things” that makes you have more matches than others on all dating sites.

It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s this little detail that can get you those matches you might have missed otherwise.

So today we are sharing with you bios and ideas from which you can take inspiration from when you have a writer’s block or a creative stall on what to write to get those matches. Here are 14 examples:

  1. Learn from this person on How to use google translations to make a good bio

2. Perfecting the art of writing a bio


3. Honesty is the best policy


4. Great Bio with Pros and Cons

5. Bonus points for the humour

6. Sometimes showoff your Vacuum

7. Would you read a bio like this?

8. One to remember

9. Perfect bio does exist

10. It’s important to let people know a lot about you

11. Share your experiences, like this one.

12. Accuracy is real in this bio

13. Funny enough to get all the matches

14. A round of applause here

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