After Decades Of One-Night Stands, 83-Year-Old ‘Tinder Granny’ is Finally Ready to Settle Down.

An 83-year-old grandmother has determined to settle down after nearly three decades of meeting up with younger guys on Tinder.

Hattie ‘Retroage,’ a New York mother of two and grandmother of three, has been pondering her options since her divorce in her 50s, and has successfully utilised Tinder to date for the past few years.

Hattie, though, is ready to abandon the online dating app after 30 years of one-night encounters in the hopes of meeting someone more long-term — however he must be at least 20 years younger than her.

You may learn about Hattie’s exploits here:

Despite the fact that one-night hookups were never her “intention,” with the grandmother always meaning to utilise Tinder to locate her love, Hattie said her dates always appeared to end up that way.

Her ideal scenario, she told Barcroft TV, is to meet a long-term companion who is ‘turned on by me, and I’m turned on by him.’ She would want a male that is around 60 years old.

Hattie hasn’t had much luck with love thus far, claiming that whenever she feels attracted to someone and the attraction is reciprocated, it never continues beyond sex. ‘I could see that we’d have a fantastic night together,’ she explained, ‘but then I don’t hear from them again.’

She went on to say:

I’ve basically turned into a lady who gets hooked up, despite the fact that this was not my intention. If a guy gets into me, he usually wants to go because he didn’t expect the 83-year-old to be who I am.

Hattie extolled the virtues of the 60-year-old man she met on Tinder, saying, ‘He was really good.’ It was a tremendous match; in fact, it was fantastic.’ She only saw him once, according to her grandmother, since he ‘didn’t want to get that connected and have a relationship with a woman my age.’

She admits that a young man choosing a much older lady and living with her is “extremely rare,” but she isn’t ready to quit up just yet. ‘I can’t keep saying yes to things I don’t truly want,’ Hattie stated. ‘I really want one man.’

Although she ‘didn’t want to get a man on a dating site,’ the 83-year-old is now signed up for a more traditional dating site rather than Tinder since she has heard of individuals finding life partners on them and wants to give it a go.

Despite the fact that she did not find someone to settle down with on Tinder, she said the dating app taught her a lot about herself, saying, “You discover a lot of who you really are, and I did find that all of them were excellent experiences, different.”

Hattie went on to say:

Instead of potential hard dicks, orgasm givers, or g-spot gurus, I learned that men are humans. They described themselves as sympathetic, warm, and loving, and they possessed those characteristics.

She calls herself a ‘cougar by default,’ and she plans to keep looking for a younger man who will tell her, ‘I can’t live without you, this is so fantastic.’ ‘Nobody else has spoken it yet,’ she says, despite the fact that her ex-husband said those things to her.

Those closest to the grandmother have reportedly asked her, ‘Do you not want variety?’ over her decision to settle down with one man.

Hattie, on the other hand, has only one response for those people: ‘It’s not that I need diversity; it’s that I need frequency.’ So if you only have one man, you’ll always have a dick with you in bed or wherever you’ll be.’

That’s all right. Girl, you do you.

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