ASOS Displays This Woman’s Picture On Their Site After She Gets Mocked On Tinder For Wearing Her Dress

Some argue that Tinder is more beneficial than harmful because it helps them to meet like-minded people with whom they might begin a relationship. However, as hundreds of women online will assure, Tinder can also be a very unpleasant experience since it enables people to show off some truly terrible behaviour.

Thea Chippendale had an awful run-in with a man on the app last year, who offered her unsolicited “advice.” “I’m not going to lie, you’re a jerk, but that dress in the previous photo isn’t doing you any favours.” “I hope this helps,” George said, adding a thumbs-up emoji to the end of his sentence. The man chose to critique Thea’s outfit in one of the images out of all the things he might have said.

Thea went on to tweet about their exchange, demonstrating how unpleasant Tinder users can be. The responses on the social media site were just what you’d expect from anyone reading such a debate, but then something unexpected happened. Because of the backlash that Chippendale received for wearing their garment, ASOS decided to make Thea their model and use her photo to represent the dress on their website. That’s some delicious retaliation!

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Thea got her retribution after posting the obnoxious Tinder conversation on Twitter, where ASOS took note.

Thea Quoted “My name is Thea Chippendale, and I’m 21 years old. I was still a university student when the tweet happened, but now I work as a digital PR executive for a digital PR & SEO organisation called Rise At Seven,” the woman explained. She stated that a great deal has changed since the awful Tinder encounter.

“The incident began when I was scrolling through Tinder and came across a message from the guy, after which he posted those things,” she explained. “I was so outraged that I just decided to tweet them,” Thea explained. “I only thought it would startle a few of my friends, but it took off in a matter of hours, and there were hundreds of people tweeting me with support.”

credits: theachippendale

“I was in disbelief when ASOS answered the way they did, I couldn’t believe they had done what they had done and was so pleased that they were able to put such a positive spin on such a horrible circumstance,” Chippendale said of her reaction to ASOS’ response to the post.

“Since the tweet, Nick Beighton, the CEO of ASOS, has invited me down to their HQ, where he and the great ASOS crew gave me a tour of how ASOS operates and all the different divisions they have,” Thea revealed. “They also gave me a makeover and I got to do a photoshoot with their photographers — it was an incredible experience,” she continued.

The woman also described how it has dramatically influenced her life and career: “As a result of the storey, my now boss tweeted about it and her tweet went viral too, we managed to keep in contact and now I work for her at Rise At Seven! Overall, it’s incredible how much one tweet can influence your life. It’s incredible! My picture is now recognised all over the place, and I’m known as “the ASOS girl.”

credits: ASOS
credits: theachippendale
credits: theachippendale

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