Man Updates His Tinder Bio After Getting Crushed by 3000 Pounds, And The Internet Is In Shambles

When you stare mortality in the face, your priorities and perspective change. People may strive to live in the moment more or focus on their family following near-death situations, but one Imgur user had a very different reaction to his mishap.

Yes, 3,000 pounds of hay crushed Joe in Virginia, which, according to his account, should have killed him. He miraculously lived, albeit he suffered serious injuries, including a broken pelvis. Despite being confined to a wheelchair, he made it plain that he was grateful to be alive and that he was ready to get back out there…but not in the way you might anticipate. Scroll down to read the motivational article, which includes a humorous surprise at the end.

“Two 1500-pound hay bales fell over and smashed me to the ground.”

“I should have died; I’m still baffled as to how I lived.” It was purely by chance.”

“I have a long way to go on my road to recovery.” And it’ll be painful, but that’s fine.”

“I accept any and every discomfort since I’m still here, breathing, and not crushed under 3000 pounds of hay.” Cause pain is a sensation, one that I shouldn’t be experiencing. “However, I am because I am alive!!”

Despite going through a horrific experience, he managed to keep a positive attitude: “And I still have that tinder game.”

Some people recognised the situation’s humorous potential and opted to join in the fun.

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