Strange Things You Can Only See At The Supermarket If You Are Lucky

Have you been lucky enough to have seen these strange things at your local supermarket?

Supermarkets are one of those few places that have no dress code requirements. Now and then, you just happen to have some individuals that have zero disregard for their appearance. That doesn’t entirely mean that you would go in your birthday suit. Naturally, you would put on something comfy and easy to get in and out of to not cramp up your lazy mood. Time for a sneak peek at a few of our favorites. 

Duck, Duck … GOOSE!?

Most supermarkets are pet friendly. You might even have some pets choose their toys or dog food that they prefer. Some stores even have a live counter with game meat, especially duck. But, we’re pretty sure that the chances of your friendly neighbor bringing her pet goose along are slim to one. Aren’t you a bit glad she isn’t shopping in front of the live counter, though? At least we can tell that this goose isn’t a wild one from the picture.

You are what you eat.

It’s a very common tendency to see people wear things that they love. It may be based on movies, books, celebrities, colors, and whatnot. But, how often do you see someone wearing clothes that are food or snacks and coming to a supermarket? Talk about looking like a snack while buying a snack. There’s no need to go into detail about the fashion fiasco taking place, but the icing on the cake here definitely would be the shoes.

Curiosity didn’t kill this racoon

There are those that believe that raccoons look like thieves. They have all the makings of one. From the eye masks to the glove hands, and their general behavior of stealing food from garbage dumps. This little fellow has clearly upped his game, casually perched on a shoulder while surveying the location of his next mark, the Supermarket!

Deep Freeze Diver

Short people problems? Not exactly! For the untrained eye, she definitely seems like she’s burning and couldn’t wait to dive headfirst into the depths of the freezer. But the pros know that all the fresh stock is always at the bottom! 🙂 Or it just might be that it’s the last piece and it’s all the way down, and she couldn’t contain her excitement! We’ll let you revel in her balance for not completely falling in.

Couple Goals

It takes one to know one. But it’s easiest to be as much of yourself as possible. Every now and then you have times where opposites attract working against each other, in the cutest of ways possible. What better way to support your partner than to accept her weird quirks and maybe even experience them in small ways. We for sure know that the guy is still new to this considering his pants and shoes, but who knows, in time he might level up to the lack thereof.

Three Legged Rampwalker

You ever been in that position before where your mother/wife wants you to drop everything and rush out to get something, and you just wear the first shoes in sight, and it just happens to be one of their heels. Well, get used to it, cause you’ll have to do it well into your 70’s, at least this old timer remembered his walking stick in the process. 

Narcolepsy, or just a power nap

We all have those days where we just can’t seem to move forward without taking a minute to grab some shut-eye. Although you would try as much as you could to be as comfortable as possible, if not at least a spot that won’t give you a bad neck once you wake up. But, there are a few lucky/unlucky people that have narcolepsy, a sleep disorder wherein one feels sleepy at random times during the day. This can definitely be a huge disruption to your daily routine. I guess this lady will have to wait a bit longer to be done with her tasks for the day.

Put on your dancing shoes.

We all know how much people despise big-box stores and the people that shop there, yet there may be moments of pure beauty there as well. Morgan Dawson, a social media influencer, went into the store to buy groceries with her earbuds in, but she was so engrossed in the music that she couldn’t stop herself from dancing as she picked up some strawberries. People took pictures of her because she was impossible to ignore, and she seemed to make everyone’s day.

Eeyore would be appalled.

There’s nothing a parent wouldn’t do for their children, and when they ask you to dress up like Eeyore, you don’t hesitate. Something tells us that the baby is in a cute Piglet costume. We wouldn’t be surprised if the mother is waiting for them outside in the car, dressed as Winnie-the-Pooh.

Doggy Cool

Some customers believe that bringing their pets inside is safer than leaving them parked in a car. We can’t fault this person because he considered things through well. His dog isn’t getting in the way of anyone, and we’re pretty sure you’ll run into a couple of kids making considerably more noise in this store. We hope that the cop is just enjoying this super-cool dog and isn’t attempting to evict it.

Supermarket Yogi

If you have yoga-practicing friends, you already know the drill: they’ll strike a position whenever – and wherever – the opportunity presents itself, and supermarkets are no exception!

We appreciate how this photo spawned a mini-trend of yoga practitioners snapping images of themselves in various yoga poses at the store.

Nana seems sad

Supermarkets occasionally stock a variety of potentially hazardous goods, but you wouldn’t expect to find them in the cookery area. After discovering this Nana Slicer, this grandmother realized she had made some enemies out there. According to the photo on the package, this nana slicer wasn’t created to harm grandmothers. The graphic designer was too lazy to include “banana” on the cover. Because typing two extra characters could take hours and does not seem cool.

Amature Amish gamer

A Reddit user shared this photo with the remark, “Just walking through the store when I spot an Amish guy playing computer games.” We both laughed when he saw me taking the picture.” The Amish are famous for their aversion to modern technology, and playing video games for entertainment is frowned upon. Understandably, this unfortunate man had to visit this store, but the Reddit user definitely shouldn’t have taken this photo because he could face repercussions if people of his community learned about it.

He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.

This year’s elves appear to be on strike, but that doesn’t mean kids won’t get presents. Santa discovered a solution to the dilemma by visiting his neighborhood store, which had everything a child might want. Toys, yes. What about video games? It’s not an issue. What about coloring books? Utter the magic word! Mr. and Mrs. Claus most likely had to visit every supermarket on the planet that night, but at least every child received their Christmas present on time.

Supermarkets are a significant destination for many people.

 It’s so much more than simply a big store, it’s understandable that some people think proposing in the store’s clothing sale section is the pinnacle of romanticism.

We don’t know who these people are or what their tale is. Who are we to pass judgment? We have to wonder if he also bought the ring in a store. 

What  Dedication!

Given that there are only 7 days in a week, being open 9 days a week is quite a commitment.

We’re not sure if this is a typo and the store bought the wrong number, or if the store is simply emphasizing that they are always open and available to their other clients.

However, there is a third alternative and opportunity to consider. Maybe the store is only open six days a week, and the person who painted the sign made a mistake and wrote “6” instead of “9.” Whoops!

It’s Too Good to Be True

Some of the bizarre and unbelievable things we’ve witnessed in the stores were absolutely unexpected. But then there are moments like today, which are so sweet that they feel almost too good to be real.

What could you possibly say about this tiny kid who is grasping the mannequin’s hand? The cuteness overload has rendered us dumbfounded! Everything about this is beyond wonderful, whether he was simply lonely and yearning for his parents, or if he opted to befriend a new imaginary companion.

An Apology in Powder

Whoops! On the ninth aisle, help clean up!

Anyone who is very clumsy knows how dangerous it may be to shop around potentially dangerous items. Whether it’s glass or a bag of powder, danger lurks around every corner, even in the supermarket.

And if you break something, you’re left in an unpleasant situation, unsure what to do. Do you simply walk away and act as if nothing has happened? Do you make an effort to locate a store employee? Do you pick up the shattered item and buy it anyway?This customer appears to have walked away, but not before leaving a small note of apologies for the staff. What a lovely gesture!

Bananas in bunches

Talk about getting a little bananassssssssssssssssssssssssss

We all know bananas are one of the most popular fruits, but we have to wonder why. What exactly is going on here? Why would somebody need to buy such a large quantity of bananas?

Is it possible that someone is planning an apocalypse? If that’s the case, we’re sorry to break it to them, but these bananas all appear to be very ripe and won’t be around for much longer! Maybe these banana bundles are for a big summer smoothie get-together? In any case, the adorable expression on this cashier’s face cannot be overlooked. He, too, is speechless!

Taking Your Spiky Companion to the Store

This beautiful, cuddled-up hedgehog could be the strangest thing we’ve ever seen! We’ve discussed how bringing your cherished pet about in public areas like shops and stores is becoming more and more accepted and regular. While bringing a llama into the store may seem like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and experience, we never expected to see someone bringing their pet hedgehog in for some errand-running. But how could anyone want to leave their spikey companion at home with such a loving demeanor?


It’s not every day that you come across aliens in public, especially at your local supermarket. But it’s not the fact that there’s an extraterrestrial being in the vicinity that makes this moment so special. It’s the fact that an alien is vacuuming the store’s floor, indicating that he genuinely works there! It’s difficult to tell whether they’re having fun or not, but we can’t deny that this is one of the best things we’ve ever seen. What a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


It’s rather common to see security strolling throughout a store, whether it’s a mall or a pharmacy–especially a large supermarket like this one. But how often do you see someone wearing a “SECURITY” sweatshirt standing next to a security guard? This brilliantly timed photo, as well as the play on the terms “security” and “insecurity,” is pure gold! What are we to say? This is a truly amusing turn of events, and we applaud whoever managed to record this entertaining scene!

Chaos in a Super Cute Shopping Cart

Let’s be honest. We used to love racing against, pushing about, or being pushed around in the shopping cart by our siblings, causing all sorts of hilarious commotion in the parking lot and store. Going to the store with our parents was perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of the trip. Right? So, how cute is it to see this young-at-heart old couple performing the same sentimental act?

A Tissue Paper Dress

This supermarket appears to believe that nothing says toilet paper like a chic mannequin. But who are we to argue?

This elegantly dressed mannequin makes us wish it was a genuine dress to buy instead of simply a smart toilet paper invention! Why not save your money and utilize this heavy-duty TP for your Halloween costume in October?

In Line with a Llama

We’re aware that some individuals bring their dogs along with them when they go grocery shopping. In fact, having dogs around has become an important element of many metropolitan cultures today. But have you ever seen an alpaca or llama being brought in? This is unquestionably a first for us, and it’s hilarious! In fact, it nearly appears that our furry pal is standing in line by himself to make a purchase.

Doritos Save the Day

Doritos are a popular snack because they can be used in a variety of ways. You can eat them straight from the bag or serve them with a dipping sauce. You may use them in burgers, meatballs, and salads if you’re feeling adventurous. In addition, once your bag of Doritos is empty, there are a variety of inventive methods to repurpose it. Why throw it out when you can use it to repair your trunk instead of paying a mechanic hundreds of dollars?

What exactly are they?

Some fashion products are so tacky, useless, and worthless that seeing them causes your eyes to bleed. One of the best examples is high-heeled sneakers. We’re not sure who came up with these or why they were deemed to be a good idea, but they need to be sued for causing the entire world emotional pain. Let’s hope this ridiculous fad never returns, because it makes no sense at all. This model entirely defies the point of sneakers, which is intended to be comfortable.

Getting Warmed Up

Stretching is said to be quite important, and this lady has a tremendous knack for it. She’s probably going to the gym after her shopping spree and is simply getting warmed up for her workout. We’re betting she was pressed for time and didn’t want to waste any time at the gym stretching. Waiting in line at the store is meaningless and dull  so why not use it to get something done that you need to get done later? Her time management abilities are certainly amazing, yet it’s not a sight we’d wish to see.

Santa’s Biggest Supporter

Do you ever have the impression that even if you’re dressed as Santa, you’re not the oddest-looking person in the room?

This man was overjoyed to finally see his childhood hero, and his beard began to glow with delight as well. Skeptics will argue that he put it on before snapping this photo, but we choose to believe in Christmas magic. He’s just a regular guy with a regular beard who began to sparkle after getting too close to Santa.

Run of the Chickens

You know how you want to buy a lovely chicken for Sunday supper but the store only offers live chickens? This guy surely does, and we have a feeling he despises every minute of it. It’s just one of those days when you wish you could head straight to KFC. Freshly prepared meals are lovely, but there are times when you just want something tasty and quick that won’t make you appear like a total crazy in the grocery store.

Exceptional Tail

This is one of those times when you’re trying your hardest to figure out what a certain “fashion item” means, but you’re stumped. It’s completely pointless, and we’re not sure this guy even realizes it’s there. It’s like when someone puts a sticker on your back and you walk around for the rest of the day without noticing everyone is laughing at you. This one is a lot more noticeable than a little sticker, but we can’t think of a good reason to wear it on purpose.


We should make fun of him, but why should we bother? Anyone who has ever walked inside a large store has felt compelled to escape, and what better way to do so than by donning a virtual reality headset. It’s a good approach to remember the next time you have to wait for someone but don’t want to do it in your car. Any virtual reality you might find yourself in has to be better than this.

GLOW Audition 

The Netflix comedy GLOW already has a cast full of colorful characters, so why add another?

This lady would have immediately made the cut if tryouts had been held at this store. We don’t know if she can act, but it doesn’t matter if she can wrestle well. She’ll be wearing the mask the entire time, so the costume crew won’t have to go out of their way to come up with a unique look for her. She had previously come up with one on her own!

Wild West

On this list, we’ve already seen dozens of epic blunders, but this one is clearly the best. It’s so awful that it’s fantastic, and we have a slew of questions that need to be answered as soon as possible.

When did he decide that his dog would look fine in a cowboy hat? Where did he get one? What’s more, why isn’t the cashier next to him as nervous as we are? Show some respect to this beautiful puppy wearing a small cowboy hat!

“Elf” Has Driven Me Crazy

We have no idea who this woman is or where she’s from, but one thing is certain: Home Alone isn’t her favorite Christmas film. She’s a huge fan of Elf, and we wouldn’t mind seeing her take over from Will Ferrell in a gender-swapped remake. Her outfit is spot-on, and we’re confident she remembers every single phrase from this holiday classic. While dressing up as Buddy and hanging out at a store may seem over the top, what better way to promote an underappreciated classic?

‘Pop and Play’

We initially mistook this for a poorly touted beauty product, but it turns out to be something far worse. Pop N’ Play Pimples is the name of this bizarre item, and it’s one of the most ridiculous prank things we’ve ever seen.

By placing these phony zits on their faces, kids can make themselves look ridiculous. If someone tries to pop them, off-white muck will erupt, giving the impression that you have popped a pimple on your skin.

Ballerina Heroic

Have you ever imagined what Clark Kent might look like if he stopped rescuing the world and decided to learn ballet? It’s most likely something along these lines.

We’re pretty sure that’s the only unwritten Superman comic book, but we’d be interested in reading it. What an incredible feat it would be if ballet dancers could also fly. It would be the most talked-about production on Broadway since Hamilton, with tickets flying off the shelves quicker than kryptonite.


Although we can’t exactly blame the store for this one, it was spotted in front of their store and so made the cut.

The Wienermobile is a weird vehicle that is shaped like a hot dog. Since the 1930s, these cars have been used to promote Oscar Mayer products. Despite its odd design, this car was a very effective promotional tool. Over the years, several replicas were created and traveled across the United States, giving joy to everyone who enjoys hot dogs.

Easter is near.

We already know that Santa Claus enjoys shopping in supermarkets, and it turns out that the Easter Bunny enjoys it as well. After hearing that this store has every Christmas gift imaginable, the Easter Bunny decided to pay it a visit just in time for Easter. We’re confident he wasn’t disappointed, but we’re not sure how the kids felt when they saw him. What a way to sabotage Easter’s magic! What comes next? Is it true that the tooth fairy gets her money from a cash register?

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