These Cunning Felines Have One Goal: Driving Their Owners Bonkers

Seriously, What Did They Anticipate?

Cat owners, and pretty much everyone else, know that their feline friends should not be allowed near any kind of paper. And if they do, things will get messy, fast. We have no idea if the owners of these cats acquired them before or after they moved in, nor do we know when the paper screen was installed. Regardless, we don’t feel bad for them because it’s obvious that having two cats near a wall of paper is a recipe for catastrophe.

That Rules Out the Dryer as the Cause

Sarah has had to deal with the embarrassment of her stealthy Siamese cat picking up a strange habit. Look Here For Further Information In a hidden location, the cat has acquired a stunning collection of socks and underwear, probably all from the same unfortunate neighbour. There are perhaps ten pairs of boxer briefs and forty or so socks in the cat’s hoard. If you ever notice that your socks have vanished for no apparent reason, you might want to check on any cats in the area.

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