These Cunning Felines Have One Goal: Driving Their Owners Bonkers

The Cat Took All My Homework

This mischievous creature was set on making her owner’s day a living hell by destroying whatever was written on that piece of paper. But if it was schoolwork, some kid, somewhere was probably looking forward to the day when he or she could use the “cat ate my homework” excuse and had proof to back it up. The best part of this picture, though, is the cat’s expression as she realises she’s just been caught being sneaky. That kitty is in for some serious trouble.

Give Me a Shot, Okay?

This cute black cat has been keeping track of how much time her owner spends on his phone, and as a result, she appreciates its significance to him much more. That makes her unhappy, but it also serves her purposes, as she can now demand things while threatening to rip the charging cord, which will likely cause the phone to fall and break. According to the cat interpreters, she wants catnip twice a week, a new scratching post, and the power to rule the world.

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