These Cunning Felines Have One Goal: Driving Their Owners Bonkers

Excuse me, Ma

The owners probably thought these three cute kitties couldn’t do much damage in the bathroom, so they locked them up there to keep them from wrecking the house. Now that they’ve let us in, we can see that they were horribly mistaken. It appears that as they opened the door, they walked into the middle of a kitty rave, with the three miscreants causing complete and utter chaos around the room. Lucky for them, those innocent expressions of “who, me?” will likely protect them from any unfavourable purr-cussions.

What a rapid escalation that was

The cat’s usual antics. At first glance, it’s a touching exchange between two cute feline siblings. When one of them softly licks the other, it gives the other a false sense of security and calm. However, when he least expects it, catastrophe strikes. This cute face-washing quickly turns into a terrifying face-chewing session. Just shows that no matter how much a cat appears to adore you, you should never put any stock in the idea that it isn’t part of a master scheme to devour your face.

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