This Guy Sneaks Up A Secret Message While Texting His Tinder Match And It’s Taking The Internet By Storm

Tinder is a strange experience in general, since many interactions quickly go south (pun intended). It’s not simple navigating through strange pairings, but every now and then you might find people that stick out from the pack. Drew arrived at the playground prepared, using his special writing skills to obtain a girl’s number and possibly more. “I get a kick out of actually putting in the effort to impress the other party in an unexpected way. I’ve always like composing poetry, and it’s been a terrific way to start a conversation.” said Drew.

The guy meticulously created a brilliant puzzle into the sonnet that Emilia, a girl he matched with, asked, and it was a fascinating read. He claims that writing a single Tinder poem takes him about 45 minutes, but the reactions he receives are well worth the effort. “To be honest, I have about the same amount of success with regular messaging as I do with the poems.” “They don’t magically improve my odds, but they’re a memorable ice-breaker,” Drew said. So check out what this modern Shakespeare penned by scrolling below!

Drew posted his Tinder chat yesterday, delighted of the brilliant sonnet he composed for a female he matched with.

He said “I thrive on actually investing that effort to make the other party unexpectedly impressed.”

And the internet shared it’s opinion

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